A Forest of Wolves (The Uprising, #2) by Chelsea Luna

A Forest of Wolves (The Uprising, #2)A Forest of Wolves by Chelsea Luna
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

A Forest of Wolves is the second book in the Uprising series by Chelsea Luna. In the first, Lions in the Garden, Mila found out that there was a plan for her to marry a baron almost three times her age so she decided to run away from the castle where she met Marc, the son of blacksmith and a Protestant. There was unrest between the Protestants and the Catholic led royal court with rumors of an uprising being planned.

Now Mila is considered a traitor after escaping with Marc and the other Protestants. In hiding and on the run Mila has found out that the father she always knew was not her real father but the King himself so now Mila is threatened from both sides of the rebellion from her claim to the crown.

I have really been enjoying this historical series. A Forest of Wolves brought me right back into the lives of Mila and Mark and even included enough details to remind me of just where the story had left off in the first book.

I did however find this one seemed to take a bit of time to really get going in the story. There’s a bit more of a love triangle-ish relationship trying to develop in this one but not sure just where that will go. I think maybe too because it’s the middle book of the series the action seemed to slow down a bit as the story builds. But it did have an exciting cliffhanger ending to lead into the next book.

Overall, 3.5 stars for this historical read. Excited to see how this series continues in the next installment.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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