Nerve by Jeanne Ryan

NerveNerve by Jeanne Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vee is used to being the one behind the scenes, she does the costumes for her school production and really wants to go into fashion. But when she feels a bit slighted from her friends she decides to do one of the easier dares from the online game NERVE never expecting it to get any views or be picked for further competition.

With the enticement of bigger and better prizes on the line though Vee finds herself unable to walk away when she’s picked to continue on in the competition. Getting paired up with the hunky Ian is definitely not a bad deal for Vee either. But just how far will the pair be willing to go before they lose their nerve as the stakes get raised in the game?

Nerve is one of those books that while the synopsis sounded interesting I just hadn’t made the time to pick it up. Now that the movie previews have come out I knew that I needed to give this one a chance since it looks like the movie will be a good one.

Taking place in what seems like not too far into the future as the technology is a bit more than what we have yet but getting pretty close this seems to be something that may come up in our reality obsessed society. Some of the book too seems to serve as a reminder of just how much can be found out about someone from just social media and online presence.

A pretty fast paced and intense story all the way throughout. The only thing really for me to not rate this one a bit higher was I wasn’t completely sold on the ending dares. Looks like the movie is changing the action a bit so now after reading the story I’m looking forward to seeing this one played out on the big screen.

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