My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews

My Sweet AudrinaMy Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audrina feels like she is always going to live in the shadow of her sister that died before she was born. Audrina was even named after her departed sibling that she never knew. Her family doesn’t hesitate to tell her every day just how special the first Audrina was, how beautiful and full of life.

Living in her family’s mansion cut off from society with her parents, aunt and a cousin that torments her at every turn Audrina begins to question her own sanity even at a young age. But with all the secrets and lies at every turn will Audrina ever learn the truth of what happened to the first Audrina and escape her shadow?

My Sweet Audrina is actually a reread for me as I read this one years and years ago. The story is typical VC Andrews in which this young girl is trapped in a family with secrets and different horrors awaiting her with each turn of the page. Since I have the sequel that is being released after twenty five or so years of waiting for the story to be continued I needed a quick refresher on the book before diving into the next.

I have to say even after all these years I still enjoyed rereading this tale as it’s one of my favorites from the VC Andrews catalog. Full of psychologically twisted turns all throughout it’s hard not to get involved in reading and wanting the answers to what had really happened to this little girl we meet in this story.

Overall, still a great read after so many years. Just a warning though with this one that rape is involved for those that wouldn’t like that as part of a story.

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