Never Say Never (The Nostradamus Prophecies, #2) by Lisa Hughey

Never Say Never (The Nostradamus Prophecies, #2)Never Say Never by Lisa Hughey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Never Say Never is the second book in the Nostradamus Prophecies by Lisa Hughey. While this book picks up right after the ending of the first in the series the main characters in this installment are different in than the first. Never Say Never focuses on Kelvin Jackson, another member of the secret government team we learned of in the first book and also Eva Pacheco the daughter of a leader of a cartel.

While on a remote viewing assignment Kel sees Eva and believes that she is being held hostage and in danger. Insisting that he is the one that goes undercover on the assignment Kel gets in with the cartel but finds out who Eva really is, not only the daughter of the man Kel is assigned to take down but also a witch with the power to read thoughts. Kel still finds himself strangely drawn to Eva which puts himself and his assignment in danger.

This series is a mixture of a paranormal romance and a fast paced thrill ride. The characters have different abilities than the ones in the first book in the series but overall the story remains much the same with the secret team members needing to solve the case they are working on.

I think this book was a bit more on the erotic side than the first in the story. Kel and Eva have a mental connection in the story and it seemed the fact they were reading each other’s attractions added to the steamier side of their relationship. But even with seeming to be more towards the relationship side this time there was still plenty of action in the story.

Overall, this is turning into a pretty good series so far, fast paced and intense with a mix of abilities to the characters that is fun learning about.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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