A Secret To The Grave (Detective Parker Bell #1) by Jane Blythe

A Secret To The Grave (Detective Parker Bell #1)A Secret To The Grave by Jane Blythe
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Detective Parker Bell and his partner get put on a case of a serial killer. The killer has kidnapped a woman but left a list of clues to several other potential victims telling the police that if they save the ones from the list he will kill the missing woman but if they fail he will set her free.

After failing to save a few women from the killer’s list the investigation leads the detectives to Tessa Micah who may be a potential victim but Tessa refuses to talk to the police. Tessa and her friends have made a pact to keep a secret from their past even if it means their own deaths.

A Secret to the Grave starts off with a really intriguing idea that I thought that I would absolutely love but unfortunately from there the book just seemed to go downhill for me. At the end I still think the general idea for the story was a great one but I wasn’t a huge fan of a lot of the wrap up to the story and the secret that had been kept.

The characters in this story really didn’t feel very real for me with some of the actions going on. If the group in question that was keeping the secret were still fairly young it might make a bit more sense but as adults I didn’t get why they would rather die than tell what had happened. Plus in the middle of trying to chase down a serial killer our lead detective gets a crush on the potential victim and we have a rushed romance type of situation written into the story which just felt off even as much of a fan of romance that I am.

On top of all everything else I think at one point I was just rolling my eyes thinking OK, that’s a bit too much to be tossed onto one particular character in this story. Flawed characters from horrible backgrounds can be extremely compelling to read about but in this case I just felt the author piled on a bit too much to be anywhere near believable to me.

Overall, not my cup of tea I’m afraid although it seems a lot of others have enjoyed this one.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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