The Departed by Kristy Cooper

The DepartedThe Departed by Kristy Cooper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As Gwen is getting ready for school she finds it odd that her best friend Lana isn’t answering her texts but Lana’s parent are very religious so she also thinks that Lana is probably just in trouble yet again. But Gwen gets to school that day and finds that Lana is not there so when she starts hearing that there have been a lot of missing people being reported Gwen begins to worry.

The news stations are reporting that hundreds of thousands of people disappeared that night. There was never a trace of them anywhere, no hint of struggles, not even their shoes are gone from their homes. Authorities check cameras and look for witnesses but after not finding anything to lead them to any of the missing the top theory becomes that the rapture has begun and people start turning to the church for answers.

I will admit that when I read the synopsis for The Departed it was one of those books that while I thought it sounded like it might be an interesting read I never expected to actually love the book. When finished though I had to give this one five stars, I flew right through this read hooked on every page.

I think for me the biggest draw to this story is just how realistic this could actually be. We’ve all seen news stories of different religious rights debates from abortion to gay marriage and many other things there is always something being talked about. There are debates on the varying religions, there have been different cults featured in the news stories that had their own beliefs. Just so many different things in the media over the years that when reading this book I thought wow, I’m surprised some group hasn’t actually tried this.

When finished with this first book in this series I immediately had to grab the short story that the author offered at the end the is a companion read and definitely plan on continuing on with the series. Definitely a book I’d recommend checking out.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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