The Silver and Gold Deception: A Romantic Comedy by Brenda G. Bradley

The Silver and Gold Deception: A Romantic ComedyThe Silver and Gold Deception: A Romantic Comedy by Brenda G. Bradley
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The last thing Dee Carter expected was for the jewelry store that she works in to be robbed in broad daylight. The daring thieves crash into the store and within seconds take off with tons of valuables. The next day Dee gets a visit from a pair of FBI agents who seem to suspect she may have had something to do with the robbery.

The Silver and Gold Deception was said to be a romantic comedy read but to be honest I really didn’t find it very funny or very romantic. I suppose some will find the comedy part of the read to be to their liking but it really wasn’t for me, just a bit too far fetched on the idiocy of the criminals involved in this story.

Also, some of the actions taking place in the book just seemed a bit too conveniently timed to be very realistic and then some of the conversations didn’t seem to flow well in my opinion. The plot seemed obvious from the start on who was involved in the robbery and then who would be behind it. It also seemed the romance is sort of just tossed into the somewhat silly investigation happening.

Overall, not for me I’m afraid. I suppose bumbling criminals and clueless FBI agents might be worth a laugh to some but too predictable and silly for me.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    • I know but unfortunately it’s one that didn’t really read the way I thought the synopsis sounded like it would. I love a good romantic comedy so I couldn’t resist trying this one but just didn’t find what I thought I would with it. 😦

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