Royal Enchantment (Skeleton Key) by Lia Davis

Royal Enchantment (Skeleton Key)Royal Enchantment by Lia Davis
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ava Green purchased a huge three-story Victorian home for herself for her newest project against advice not to. When she finds a door that she can’t seem to open she comes across a skeleton key that allows her access but when stepping across the threshold she finds herself walking into a mystical world of fae and mythickal creatures and meets the King of the Morna.

Royal Enchantment is one of those reads that for me simply suffered from what I like to refer to as the novella syndrome. The story was one that was interesting enough of a fantasy read but it felt as if it’s all on a fast forward speed all the way throughout which means it tends to lack details and depth that would make me truly love the book.

Ava’s character was only give a brief glimpse in our world before she jumps into the fantasy world. She had received some news about her business and partner that I felt you’d get to learn more about or simply about who she was but it dove straight into the rest of the story before the blink of an eye. Then when it came to the actions in the fantasy realm it again felt rushed to get a lot of events involved in a fairly short read.

In the end this one was 3.5 stars for me. Not a bad story overall though but I would warn if you try this one out to not expect too many details or depth and just enjoy the short read.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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    • For me I think it’s a fine line on what is enough info or even too much info in a story. With this one it just tried for too much plot and didn’t expand details enough to suit me but one I read the other day the story moved at a nice pace and never found myself wishing for more, only the next book. LOL Then on the other side of that I had the same complaint of not enough explanation in a 300+ page book the other day too so I suppose I really shouldn’t even consider the book length.

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