Sticks and Stones by Michael Hiebert

Sticks and StonesSticks and Stones by Michael Hiebert
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fifteen years ago there were a string of murders in Alvin, Alabama and the media dubbed the killer The Stickman. Police officer Joe Fowler fronted a special task force dedicated to finding the murderer and capturing him. When the killer was found Joe Fowler shot and killed him ending the spree that ran for six months and totaled at least fifteen victims. That is until another body shows up now fifteen years later.

One of the things the Stickman always did was to leave a note for Joe Fowler as to where to look to find the body of the victims. Now years later the police receive a note but this time it is addressed to Joe’s daughter Leah Teal. Leah is now a detective herself and with more bodies showing up in the same style as the murderer her father had killed Leah is questioning whether it’s a copy cat or did her father kill the wrong man?

Sticks and Stones is actually told from several point of views, those of Leah and her children as each are involved in the new investigation. It was really an OK read but one that I didn’t find myself overly excited and drawn into as I do with some books.

I do think one thing about this story that I didn’t quite love was Leah herself. There was something a bit off with her character to me that I struggled to find myself connecting with her the way I should with a supposed to be strong female lead in a story. Sometimes her actions seemed a bit off as a detective and perhaps it was referring to her father as Pa it made her feel younger.

Also, I think sometimes this story got a bit too technical for my taste. Sure I love to understand the forensics and cases when reading something like this but I also sometimes found it just lingered a bit too long explaining things that I would start to get bored.

Overall, I found this one just OK in the end. The part of the kids helping to tell the story was a bit different which I did like.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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