Wooed by You (Tropical Heat, #0.5) by Sophia Knightly

Wooed by You (Tropical Heat, #0.5)Wooed by You by Sophia Knightly
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Isabel Garcia was out digging a hole to plant a tree when she comes across a case that she thinks belonged to her now deceased husband who was accused of being involved with drugs. Contracting the police to turn in the case Isabel finds herself attracted to the sexy detective, Linc Heller.

The last thing Isabel wants in her life though is a man she won’t be sure will return home each time he leaves for work. Isabel’s a single mother and all she wants to do is protect her daughter from losing another father so she fights with all her might to not have Linc in their lives.

To be honest I really had to debate on how to rate this book when I was finished. Isabel had her reasons for not wanting to start a relationship with an active police detective that is always in danger but that should end the story, say goodbye before the relationship begins. Instead of the story ending though Isabel gets involved with Linc and we have an entire book of her fears of doing so and fighting it the entire way begging him to give up his job. This constant nagging and pushing away a wonderful man made me really dislike Isabel. Then on top of that an event towards the end of the story with her also had me cringing while reading.

However, on the opposite side of the coin there is Linc. I absolutely adored Linc right from the start and couldn’t help but think wow, he’s a keeper snag that one up. The man has one of the most respectable and honored jobs that yes, it would be tough for any spouse or family to live with the constant fear but also filled with so much respect in my opinion. But this man came in and treated Isabel’s daughter Suzie so well from the moment he met her it just made my heart melt. How could any woman turn down this sexy hero who is good with her child was beyond me.

Overall though I’ve decided to rate this one 2.5 stars. Just too much drama from the main character that didn’t need to drag on for so long and not a fan of the idea of forcing someone to change to be together.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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