His Country Bride by Debra Holt

His Country BrideHis Country Bride by Debra Holt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Sheriff’s Department! Raise your hands above your head and don’t move.”

After walking in on her fiancee with another woman on their wedding day Ellie runs off for the country. The last thing on her mind was that they might have burn bans out there when she stripped off her wedding dress and proceeded to burn it. On top of that she grabbed the keys to her fiancee’s car and now she’s being held for car theft too.

The county sheriff, Lucas, had no idea what to expect when he comes across a frantic Ellie burning a wedding dress. Taking her in for the stolen car he finds that when her ex-fiancee shows up to collect the car and on a side thought his runaway bride that seems he thinks of more as property than lost love, Lucas finds himself determined to protect this runaway city girl.

His Country Bride is a sweet romance story of two jaded, stubborn souls finding one another to eventually find their happiness together. A shorter read it still contained a nice little plot of Ellie being cheated on to run off to her aunt’s old place in the country where she’d spent a lot of time as a child and he ex fiancee not being too happy about it.

Lucas is the local sheriff who is determined to protect the newcomer from a man who obviously doesn’t care for her. He’s had his own share of heartache in the past so is a bit hesitant to get close the the city girl as he’s pure country at heart.

Overall, a quick read with a sweet romance and a bit of suspense.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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