Burn What Will Burn by C.B. McKenzie

Burn What Will BurnBurn What Will Burn by C.B. McKenzie
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Bob Reynolds lives out in the middle of nowhere with no phone service so when he comes across a body in the creek he drags it out of the water thinking of the trouble it’s going to be to get a hold of the police. Bob’s kept his head down in the little town he’d moved to trying to stay out of the trouble and a body showing up isn’t exactly going to help him fit into the town.

As much as Bob would much rather just toss the body back into the creek and go about his business he makes every effort to get a hold of the sheriff. But when showing the man where he’d left the corpse the body has disappeared. Bob begins to question just what goes on in this little town he’s now living in.

Burn What Will Burn is one of those reads that while it sounded completely engaging by the synopsis it ended up just being one that totally wasn’t for me. The story got off to a rather slow start with our main character spending more time inspecting the body and complaining about having to call the law.

From there it really went downhill in my opinion, as if the overly descriptive inspection of the dead man in the beginning wasn’t bad enough. There’s just wasn’t a character in the book that I cared for
in the entire story really. This small town is one that I definitely wouldn’t find myself in their backwoods world. A bit of cringe worthy moments all throughout with some of the behavior in the book.

And on a side note, I would love if someone could count the times in this read that “Bob Reynolds” is said all throughout. I suppose I understand the idea of using full names in the small community or referring to someone as Mr. or Mrs. but there were conversations with Bob that the other person said his full name in every line, hate to see if it were made into a drinking game the amount of times it was in the story.

Overall, just not one for me I’m afraid. The mystery/thriller portion is slow developing and I didn’t particularly care for the characters.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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