Ever Bound by Odessa Gillespie Black

Ever BoundEver Bound by Odessa Gillespie Black
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In 1879, Colby Kinsley and his parents found work on the Rollins estate as farmhands. Colby found himself with a shadow at the estate, young Grace, the landowners daughter. Grace was determined to win Colby’s affections no matter the method or the cost. Try as he might Colby couldn’t get Grace to give up on her quest.

After Colby meets Annabeth, Grace’s sister, Colby finds himself falling for her. However, with Grace’s persistent chase of Colby Annabeth finds she wants nothing to do with him. One day however Colby saves Annabeth in a courageous act and she finally admits her feelings for him.

Ever Bound is a prequel novella in the Cursed series by Odessa Gillespie Black. Being a short read I thought this would be a good look into what the series would be like. Unfortunately this novella just didn’t work for me on so many different levels.

First, the story includes rape, and not just once but on several occasions with several characters to the point that it really got repetitive that this was being used over and over in the story for multiple situations. I could understand the use for one character to be doing being a product of the abuse themselves but being tossed in with a secondary character in a completely different situation just seemed way over the top.

Then on top of all of the violent sexual content we have multiple instances of animals being killed and mutilated. And if that weren’t enough there’s corpse mutilation, murder, and suicide. Then with all of the horrible acts all throughout we have two characters “falling in love” and making out with all this going on. Which leads me to the fact that this was also supposed to be a historical read but none of the characters or dialogue felt real to that era.

Overall, not for me I’m afraid, can’t really say I’d recommend this one at all.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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