The Sea Witch (The Era of Villains, #1) by S.J. Valfroy

The Sea Witch  (The Era of Villains, #1)The Sea Witch by S.J. Valfroy
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Serena is not ordinary mermaid, like her mother Serena is a sea witch with magical powers. Unlike her mother though Serena wants to use her magic for good whereas Moira is an evil witch. Working in the palace as a maid Serena meets Prince Triton and develops a crush upon him. His mother Queen Amphitrite though makes it very clear that her son will not be marrying a palace maid leading to Serena launching a plot to obtain her own dreams.

The Sea Witch is a pretty good fantasy/fairy tale adventure. It did seem a tad bit predictable with the whole good versus evil story line which I did take a bit off my rating for but still a somewhat fun read. I enjoyed the writing style and the characters, even those you love to hate.

I do believe the other part of my rating drop may very well be due to my own jaded nature. You know fairly early on in the read that “true love” is going to play a part in this story but what I really didn’t like was it took so long to come about thus seeming like giving the male character the thumbs up for cheating. Not a fan of cheating and I understand it being worked in due to the nature of the plot but wasn’t a fan really of the amount of time that had went by and the happenings between it just didn’t sit well with me.

Overwise, I do think most would enjoy this little fairy tale read and if interest I would say give this one a try.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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    • On one hand I can understand it and knew it was coming but on the other it’s just ugh, really?? Kept telling myself it was a fairy tale but then a part of me wonders why write fairy tales like that.

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