The Society by Jodie Andrefski

The SocietyThe Society by Jodie Andrefski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At thirteen Samantha Evans father was sent to prison and Sam has been living with the backlash of it ever since. Her then best friend Jessica’s parents split up after everything that happened with Sam’s father due to him having an affair with Jessica’s mother so Jessica has blamed Sam ever since and treated her miserably often going out of her way to torture Sam at their school.

Now in her senior year at Trinity Academy Sam knows she won’t be receiving an invite to the school’s secret society. When Jessica starts up her torture and torment again though Sam comes up with a plan to not only get revenge on Jessica but to shake up the school’s social ranks.

The Society is a YA contemporary novel that deals with the aspects of bullying and one girl’s voyage into a revenge plan against her tormentor. There’s an underlying message to the story that really two wrongs don’t make a right. While the bullying was completely out of hand Sam let’s herself get carried away with revenge which brought her down along with Jessica.

I liked the characters and setting in the story. It’s really somewhat of a light read even with the subject matter at hand. Sam’s plot was interesting to follow along with and see how it would all turn out and all the twists and turns along the way. Ransom added a bit of growing up into the story line for Sam to show her about love and friendship and thought was a good way of her finding herself.

Overall, an enjoyable read of growing up and self discovery in the face of many problems.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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