True Born (True Born Trilogy, #1) by L.E. Sterling

True Born (True Born Trilogy, #1)True Born by L.E. Sterling
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

True Born takes place in Dominion City where a plague has descended upon the residents killing off a good portion of the population. Those that are left are divided into three groups, the Lasters, the Splicers and the True Born. Lasters are those who are beyond saving and on the last of their life, Splicers are those rich enough to keep up with procedures to prolong their life and the True Born are a bit of genetic mutation that are immune to the plague and carry properties of certain animals that have adapted to survive this world.

Lucy and Margot are identical twins who are nearing their eighteenth birthday where they should go through what is known as the “Reveal”. At a reveal party it is announced whether each member of society of their will become either a Laster or Splicers. True Borns being feared are not something that is often spoke of so the sisters expect to be of the other two groups. But after numerous rounds of testing no one wants to admit to what the twins could be.

True Born is one of those reads that had so much potential to be a book series that I would fall in love with but fell short of the mark in the end. There were several issues I found with this first installment in the new True Born series that really kept me from enjoying it.

First, I found that the story gets off to a rather confusing start. There’s a lot to take in for the world in this book but the explanations are a bit short and I found myself wondering for quite a while what each type of person really was and what the situation was at the beginning.

Once it got going I had my hopes up of really getting immersed in the story but then we come upon the relationship in the book. I’m not a huge fan of the rather withdrawn female character with no love life up to that point ending up in the relationship with the somewhat jerk of the bad boy. It’s all bad treatment until he feels like making out which is a rather hard relationship to get behind.

Then on top of the rough start and not being a fan of the relationship I still was thinking this would end up being an OK read and start to a series and possibly 3 stars. But I had to drop my rating a bit more after finishing the whole book and feeling like so much wasn’t touched upon and left in the air until the next in the trilogy. The ending I pretty much guessed at when starting and wasn’t at all shocked that was where it was left but would have preferred more answers overall.

Overall, 2.5 stars for True Born, it has potential to be a good series overall but wasn’t overly impressed with the first book.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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