Don’t Believe a Word: A novel of psychological suspense by Patricia MacDonald

Don't Believe a Word: A novel of psychological suspenseDon’t Believe a Word: A novel of psychological suspense by Patricia MacDonald
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eden Radley’s mother had divorced Eden’s father and remarried a younger man years ago. She then had a child who had an incurable disease and moved with her new family to Ohio to be near a treatment center. All of this caused a rift between Eden and her mother as Eden felt abandoned and replaced with her mother leaving for a new family.

Even though Eden had not forgiven her mother the last thing she wanted to hear was news of her death. But not only had Eden’s mother passed but the police had ruled it a murder/suicide in which she had not only taken her life but that of her young disabled son. After Eden attends the funeral all she really wants is answers as she just can’t believe her mother could do such a thing.

With Don’t Believe a Word my biggest complaint had to be it just took so long before the story even started to get into any kind of thriller/mystery vibe. It was probably a good 30-40% of the book before it started to take on any kind of momentum into the deaths of Eden’s mother and half brother. Once it got going though the story picks up tossing different suspects and scenarios as Eden began to question things.

The ending to the story was a great wrap up in itself but a part of me was kind of disappointed in it too because I felt that I’m not sure if anyone could’ve ever possibly figured it out during the story. It was just one of those out of left field answers that even if you like it overall it’s a bit disappointing to only maybe get lucky with a random guess.

Overall, a bit slow paced for my taste but not too bad of a read altogether.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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