The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas

The Darkest CornersThe Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Tessa and Callie were kids they were the best of friends but at eight the pair were witnesses to the unthinkable. Callie’s cousin Lori was murdered one night when she had been babysitting the girls after she’d put them to bed but the girls had witnessed someone outside the house so they were asked to testify in the trial of the man who was accused of the murder along with the murders of several others girls.

Now ten years later Tessa has been living with her grandmother in Florida and she and Callie hadn’t spoken in years but when Tessa is told her father is dying of cancer in prison back in Fayette, Pennsylvania Callie’s mother offers to let Tessa come stay with them. Unfortunately Tessa arrives too late to see her father but before she heads back home a friend of Tessa and Callie is found murdered opening the girls up to debate what it was that they saw that night a decade ago and if the right man is in prison.

The Darkest Corners is a young adult psychological thriller that will have a reader guessing until the very end. It’s a bit slower paced than I normally would enjoy but I did believe the overall outcome made up for the slower pace. There were also lots of twists and turns throughout the story to keep a reader guessing.

Tessa and Callie are both flawed characters after what had happened to them as children. Tessa is dealing with anxiety not only from Lori’s murder but from her poor home life growing up. Callie on the other hand also suffered her share from the murder and trial and then losing her best friend when Tessa was forced to leave with her grandmother. They each handled their lives the best that they could and it was nice to watch them grow closer once again.

Overall, a bit slower paced but still worth the read getting to know these characters and watch to see if they could find the answers to multiple murders, would recommend giving this one a read.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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