Static by Eric Laster

StaticStatic by Eric Laster
My rating: 1.5 of 5 stars

Shortly after his brother’s death from a car accident Curtis Brooks begins to receive phone calls from his brother. Wilt has been trapped in a place called the Aftermart, a sort of inescapable giant Wal-Mart filled with discontinued products. He’s been going through afterlife therapy and calls his younger still living brother trying to adjust to his afterlife.

Curtis is sure that Wilt is calling to give him clues to lead them to Wilt’s murder, only Wilt insists that it was only an accident. The detective in charge of the accident has ruled Wilt’s death a homicide though so Curtis embarks on a dangerous journey to try to catch the killer using Wilt’s calls as clues.

The whole idea behind Static sounded very intriguing when I read about it but unfortunately due to the execution of this story it ended up being one of those just no no no…. Not. For. Me. books. If done in a different manor I really think I would’ve been completely caught up in a story where a ghost helped solve his own murder but this just seemed so over the top silly that I could barely bring myself to keep reading.

First, the characters felt extremely one dimensional and boring as could be. Being told from Curtis’s prospective I just felt like the kid really had no feelings whatsoever and maybe it’s meant to be that way when there’s talk of him being on medication and in therapy himself but I never could connect with him to like him at all.

Also, the situations and events just seemed so unbelievable I just kept shaking my head and reminding myself that it was all fiction. I’d have an easier time believing the phone calls happening though than some other events… such as Curtis’s mother suddenly bringing in random replacement children that seemed to then become her household staff, yes that really happens.

Also, I’m not sure where the author came up with the teen-language used in here but I found it very annoying and distracting. It was almost like let’s think of all the weird phrases kids have latched onto over the years and make this character use this weird dialogue/language all his own. What it comes across sounding more like though is an out of touch adult trying to be cool.

Overall, not really one I’d personally recommend picking up, probably more of a 1.5 star read for me with the extra half just for finishing.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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