Bring Me to Ruin by Tess Rider

Bring Me to RuinBring Me to Ruin by Tess Rider
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thea Maloney has just lost her lifelong best friend Gerard Wyatt after he was executed for a crime he didn’t commit. Drinking at the local bar trying to forget her pain she ends up in a bar fight only to have the owner stop time and freeze everyone in the bar but the two of them. Cole has always been like a father to her but now she finds that he actually controls time and on top of that Thea is needed to help repair the timelines and save the world from a savage ghost war.

Traveling to another timeline Thea meets The General, another version of Gerard that has been the hero of the ghost war and saved all the lives in the camp there that have come from all different timelines. Finding that everyone has doppelgangers of themselves existing in other timelines Thea finds that her mission is to help The General regain his humanity and learn to love again after only knowing war as Thea and The General are soulmates in all timelines.

Bring Me to Ruin was an extremely complex story line bringing all kinds of interesting elements into the mix. A somewhat mix of sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, and a bit of romance it certainly had a lot of great moments and a great mix of intensity and action.

One thing though with so much going on I felt it was a bit slow paced for me trying to make sure I understood everything being brought into the story. We have all the elements of time traveling, separate dimensions, time travel, doppelgangers, fae, ghosts, witches, gods, oracles, advance robotic technology and I almost think the way the virus/resurrection process was described that the “ghosts” sounded more like a version of zombies. Definitely not a dull moment involved in this read and I’ve probably forgotten to even mention a few things.

Starting off I had a bit of a disconnect with the characters too as I think I was just a bit overwhelmed with the activity going on. The General seemed almost robotic somewhat reminding me of the Terminator when described as having this red computer eye so it took me a while to associate him as even being human but that’s actually somewhat how he’s supposed to come across so I’m not sure that was actually too bad of a thing because he’s in danger of losing his humanity to the war.

Overall, I enjoyed this extensive and complex world the author has built, it certainly kept me on my toes having so much action going on in one read. I would warn though there are some erotic sexual moments also involved in case that’s something that a reader wouldn’t like.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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