Black Waters (Tainted Water, #2) by India R. Adams

Black Waters (Tainted Water, #2)Black Waters by India R. Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Black Waters is the second novella in the Tainted Waters series. The first book in the series, Blue Waters, is told from Whitney’s point of view introducing us to the story of Whitney meeting a guy named Crash who happened to be the son of the drug dealer that was responsible for Whitney’s brother’s murder. Whitney’s best friend Link tried to break up the relationship when he’d found out but it was a little too late as Whitney already had feelings for Crash. My review can be found HERE.

In Black Waters we are given a completely different look at the events in Blue Waters as this novella is told from Link’s point of view. The details that were missing in the first are answered in Black Waters. Link finds out all the details involved and does his best to protect his best friend and the girl he’d secretly had feelings for his whole life, Whitney.

I’m sure the first thing people are going to think is why do I need to read the story over again? I even kind of had that thought myself but I loved the writing and story so much in Blue Waters that I couldn’t resist reading Black Waters for myself to see what this one would be like and wow, it’s almost like reading a whole new story.

Everything in Black Waters is connected and along the same time line of Blue Waters but looking at it again from a different character there was so much going on we didn’t see in the first book. I already thought the first had such amazing writing and so much packed into a novella that I was highly impressed with it but Black Waters just had to outdo the first giving so much more life to the story.

I’ve become a fan of India R. Adams after these novellas. Her writing is really wonderful and what impressed me this time was with switching characters the book even seemed to switch the overall feel, it was like Whitney had written and told the first and this one was all Link from start to finish. Such a great job with the writing to give that vibe between the two.

Overall, a great little series and an upcoming author to look out for in India R. Adams. Definitely recommend checking out this series!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. A huge thank you to India R. Adams for allowing me to review Black Waters!

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