Can You Keep a Secret?: A Fear Street Novel by R.L. Stine

Can You Keep a Secret?: A Fear Street NovelCan You Keep a Secret?: A Fear Street Novel by R.L. Stine
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Emmy has suffered from nightmarish dreams of a wolf and finds that a real wolf has been spotted near her home so her imagination begins to run wild. She and her friends, along with boyfriend Eddie had planned to spend a night in the Fear Street Woods. When Eddie and Emmy sneak off they find a briefcase full of cash. When the others see the money the group decides to hide the cash until they can investigate where it might have come from.

When I first finished this book I thought it was an alright read and was going to go with three stars even with the flaws I had in mind. But the more I’ve thought about it I’ve decided it’s really ended up a two star read for me.

First, the book synopsis is really far off the story I finished reading. There are several errors including the main character’s name. They do find cash but from there the details are different in the story.

But regardless of that, I just can’t figure out who this is even supposed to be marketed to. It reads more like a middle grade novel but the characters are older teens more in the YA market range. The situations the kids are getting into really don’t need to be in something sold to a younger audience either, sneaking off, drinking beer, using a gun…. not exactly a story I can recommend to middle grade audience but the actions and plot are not one I’d think the YA market will enjoy.

Then, the other thought I had reading this was the story just seems to be structured with two different things going on with Emmy’s dreams and the money. The two things really don’t seem to mesh well until it ends up being wrapped up at the same time in the end.

Overall, fun for me as an adult to bring back memories but a few too many flaws to rate very high.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    • I really can’t say I didn’t enjoy reading this because I did but I just couldn’t bring myself to rate it higher with some of the things that took place with the market it should go out to. It’s a bit different for me as an adult to read about a teenager drinking or stealing a gun than to give this to a twelve year old.The beer I could live with but the gun that night I couldn’t, too many real life accidents to sit well with saying hey go read this story.


        • I’m always trying to remember to point out details that may bother someone in the intended market. For example, I may absolutely love a YA book with a insta-love or love triangles since they don’t bother me very often but I’ll try to remember to mention it in my reviews to warn others so they don’t pick it up and it’s an automatic 1 star because they hate that stuff. Or if adult books have overly graphic sex or language I’ll try to remember to mention it even if it didn’t bother me and it’s perfectly fine to be included because some just don’t enjoy it. I don’t always remember to do it but it’s something that crosses my mind when I’m writing and with this particular book while I enjoyed it more than my rating shows it just contained some things that I personally thought weren’t age appropriate at all so couldn’t bring myself to go higher in rating. Of course ratings are more of how you enjoyed but for me it just bothered me to think of young kids reading this so it brought done my own enjoyment, if that makes any sense at all? LOL

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