Sleep Sister by Laura Elliot

Sleep SisterSleep Sister by Laura Elliot
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

DNF @ 41%

Unfortunately Sleep Sister just wasn’t for me. The story starts off with Beth as a child with a horrific thing happening to her but quickly jumps ahead a few years to her father leaving then again when she’s old enough to leave home. After four more years Beth returns and finds she shares her secret with her younger sister that she had left behind. But instead of the story sticking there for any length it jumps yet again another twenty six years I believe it was. So in the matter of the first third of the book we had jumped a good forty or more years. With so many characters and situations thrown in my head was spinning and I almost felt I needed to start taking notes.

Now, not only had the story jumped so far so quickly without spending much time on any details or character building but once we got so far ahead it starts to add in flashbacks along with what is happening in the current. With the dark subject matter at hand with this book I really wanted to care about these characters but I just didn’t with so much jumping around. There were a lot of secondary characters I really didn’t know at all but the main characters really didn’t stand out much better while trying to keep up with where, when and with who everything was taking place.

Overall, just not one that I enjoyed, after several days of putting it to the side I decided not to finish, I’m sure others will enjoy it but was just not a fan of the execution of the story.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

10 Comments on “Sleep Sister by Laura Elliot

    • There’s a few more negative reviews at this point on Goodreads and it doesn’t look like it got any better at the end so definitely a good choice for this one. I always struggle with when to give up but after picking up and putting down for several days I think I gave this one more than a fair shot.

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        • Same here, I feel like I should give them every attempt to get better so I hate giving up but it always slows down my reading pace when I just can’t bring myself to get into one and keep putting it down for any other excuse in the world. LOL


      • Yeah, I have occasionally done a DNF, but generally I will finish a bad book by just reading the first paragraph of every chapter. If that paragraph bores me, I’m off to the next chapter!

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        • Now there is an idea… I have skimmed a few though just to finish them but this one didn’t seem worth it. I think the entire book is given away in the book synopsis so that was another reason it lost all suspense to it.

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        • Haha sorry! Really this one is getting some great reviews too so it’s just one that’s all a matter of taste, I just didn’t enjoy how it was written unfortunately.


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