Conspiracy Boy (Angel Academy, #2) by Cecily White

Conspiracy Boy (Angel Academy, #2)Conspiracy Boy by Cecily White
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Conspiracy Boy is the second book in the Angel Academy series by Cecily White. After thinking she had saved the world and beat the prophecy, Amelie Bennett has learned the worst thing you can possibly think is things just can’t get any worse. Thinking things could get back to normal other than that pesky engagement to Luc while still being in love with Jack, Amelie now finds that the prophecy was never finished and she is still expected to become a killer.

As with Prophecy Girl I found Conspiracy Boy a fun read along the lines of books like the Mortal Insturment series by Cassandra Clare. Our main character is attending a school to learn to defeat demons and defend humans against attacks with a plot mixed in with vampires and werewolves being involved.

Amelie is still her normal sarcastically humorous self that often has me laughing out loud. Jackson, the serious hunk that keeps Amelie grounded and now Luc, Jack’s vampire cousin is “engaged” to Amelie after saving her life with his blood so a bit of a love triangle without the love between Amelie and Luc as they barely tolerate each other for the most part which often added to the laughs.

With the prophecy unfulfilled and Amelie still being kept in the dark about some things, Conspiracy Boy takes the group on another action packed adventure where Amelie is determined to not become the killer everyone thought she should be and save everyone instead.

Overall, a fun, light hearted but adventurous YA fantasy paranormal series.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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