Flip This Love by Maggie Wells

Flip This LoveFlip This Love by Maggie Wells
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Harley Cade had been chasing his southern belle Laney Tarrington forever but when he finally caught her attention he got scared and ran. Moving across the country to expand his business Harley left for six months. Laney during that time battled a lot of personal issues and had the devastating loss of her mother to cancer.

When Harley returned to his home town he wanted nothing other than to win back Laney’s heart as his time away told him for sure she was the one for him. Laney however was determined not to let Harley break her heart again. Now that Harley has made his business a success though he is determined to win the girl of his dreams no matter the cost.

For me with Flip This Love my rating came down to the characters. Starting off the story I felt for Laney and her loss and the heartbreak that Harley had caused her when he left and Harley seemed too cocky and kept flaunting his money around that I didn’t want to like him. Somewhere along the line though my feelings completely flipped. Laney was acting like nothing but a spoiled brat and I was starting to wish Harley would find someone who would treat him better.

I think if there hadn’t quite of been as much back and forth between the pair I may have ended with a better feeling overall for this one. The writing was good, the situation was good, the characters though had too much back and forth to make me really root for them as a couple. In the end I just found this kind of average, it had a nice ending but a little less arguing and temper tantrums in the middle would have been a lot more likable in my opinion.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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