Siren’s Song (The Storm Siren Trilogy #3) by Mary Weber

Siren's Song (The Storm Siren Trilogy #3)Siren’s Song by Mary Weber
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Siren’s Song is the third book in the Storm Siren Trilogy. Since this is the last in the series I won’t go too much into the detail of this book so as not to include spoilers. Siren’s Song does pick up right after the ending of Siren’s Fury. The trilogy is about Nym who is a female elemental in a world where there has never been a female elemental before. She has hid her entire life because elemental are considered dangerous and if found they would be killed. Nym is bought in a slave auction and trained to use her powers to hopefully save her world. All three books in the series are a continuation of the story of Nym trying to do just that.

I have to say there are some things I really loved about this series but also some things that I didn’t. One thing that I found was that for me the books would start to drag a bit in each. Siren’s Song was not exception to this which brought my rating down a bit. Also, I think a part of what I missed while reading was an earlier character that didn’t continue on in the story, it kind of left out a bit of a spark I felt earlier in the series.

For the things I really like though, one would be the covers of the series. Another round of applause to whoever designed these as they are certainly beautiful. With Siren’s Song I would like to say great job on the flashbacks, loved reading that bit of information being given and it was nice that the font would change so I would easily recognize it was starting another flashback/memory at that point. Also, the entire series had wonderful world building, intriguing characters, action and plot.

Overall, a good ending to an intriguing series.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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