Be Careful What You Witch For by Thomas Hoobler

Be Careful What You Witch ForBe Careful What You Witch For by Thomas Hoobler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Olivia’s parents are both famous actors and when they schedule a movie shoot together in Egypt they give Olivia the choice of where to spend the next year. Olivia comes up with a plan of staying with her Aunt Tilda in New York to try to lead a normal teenage life for the next year. When Olivia arrives though she finds that her aunt is a practicing Wiccan that can read minds.

Be Careful What You Witch For is set up to be a tale of a young teenage misfit trying to fit into a new school with the usual mean girls against her, the hot guy she develops a crush on and her adventures into magic. The problem I found though that kept me from enjoying this story more was Olivia herself comes right out of the gate being more snobby, spiteful and mean than the characters at the school.

We start off with Olivia being labeled the plain Jane type that has never fit in with her parents and doesn’t feel comfortable in that world but when she arrives in New York she complains of not having a limo waiting and having to actually stand in line for a cab. She’s somewhat stereotyping cab drivers and people right out of the gate which really turned me off her right away.

When Olivia starts school she’s given a buddy to show her around the school, Muffin. Muffin doesn’t really even say anything offensive or mean to Olivia to start off their interaction but Olivia gives her the cold shoulder and refuses to be friends. It just never made sense to actually root for Olivia when she seemed to be the one with the attitude more than the ones at the school.

The overall concept, some of the characters and the use of the magic could sometimes be funny and intriguing. I really enjoyed some of the things in the story and some of the supporting characters. I just really wished for a better main character to get behind and root for to bring the whole story together a bit better.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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