All That is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster

All That is Lost Between UsAll That is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Georgia has a secret that has been tearing her up inside. She wants to talk to her cousin and best friend Sophia but the girls have been drifting apart. After attending the same party the girls are walking home with another friend, Danny, when out of nowhere a car comes up behind them and the trio become the victims of a hit and run. Danny manages to pull Georgia out of the way but Sophia is seriously injured. Afterwards Danny seems to think that the accident may have been an attempt on Georgia’s life.

All That is Lost Between Us is a psychological thriller that focuses on a family of four and all of the problems and secrets between them. Georgia has withdrawn from her family after an affair over the previous summer. Zac, Georgia’s younger brother feels a bit isolated and doesn’t know what to do after his sister’s accident but ends up making things worse when he finds evidence of Georgia’s secrets. With two teenagers Anya and Callum have drifted apart in their marriage but with their daughter in danger the two struggle to come together for their family.

An intense story of secrets and lies and the struggles of one family when tragedy strikes. Each chapter switches the POV between the different family members and all involved have their own things they are dealing with to keep the reader hooked right from the start. A bit of a mystery with who it is that could be after Georgia thrown into the mix and you certainly a page turner on your hands with this read.

Overall, great writing, an intense plot with intriguing characters, would definitely recommend this thriller.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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