Landlocked by Marilyn Baron

LandlockedLandlocked by Marilyn Baron
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Amelia Rushing recently broke up with a cheating fiance. She hasn’t been able to find a job with her art history major so she’s trying to break into real estate but having no luck yet with that career either. When her grandmother asks her to go to the mountains of North Carolina to try to sell some land that her grandfather had purchased years before Amelia sees nothing to keep in her Florida and thinks it might be her first big sale.

Alec Brady is a local lawyer in the town of Confrontation, NC who’s family has owned most of the surrounding land and also he and his mother have been living on Amelia’s grandmother’s land. When approached about selling Alec claims that possession is nine tenths of the law and that Amelia wouldn’t be able to sell regardless as the land is landlocked, meaning there isn’t any access to it without traveling on the surrounding properties.

Amelia being determined to help her aging grandmother sell the property informs Alec that she is not going to leave until the deal is complete and she will be moving in the cabin that he lives in with him. As the two battle over the sale the sparks fly but they also uncover a decades old mystery that took place on the property.

I have to say I started off this little novella thinking that it was going to easily be a four or five star read. The story was unique to anything I have read and the characters and their interactions were hilarious. There was a wonderful quirkiness to both the story and the characters involved that drew me in and wanted to continue reading.

The problem I found was about halfway through the book when the mystery aspect starts getting introduced it got a tad repetitive kind of telling the same story over and over. There actually wasn’t much mystery to be solved either as you are told what happened which would be fine as you still await finding how it will all turn out but it just seemed to fizzle out of new ideas so the second half just started losing my interest. Not too bad of an ending though so three stars overall.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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