Finding Christmas by Jeannie Moon

Finding ChristmasFinding Christmas by Jeannie Moon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After two years of hospitals and rehabilitation Maggie Benson returns home to Holly Point to reunite with her family right before the holidays. She’s struggled to overcome her emotional and physical scars since being shot down during a routine mission in which her plane caught on fire and she had to bail out. During her recovery from the burns Maggie’s foot and leg became infected and she had to have her leg amputated at which time she pushed everyone away to fight through the recovery on her own.

After returning home Maggie struggles with just who she is and what she will do with her life now. After a chance meeting with Will Fitzgerald who is a teacher at the local school and her younger brother’s coach Maggie finds that Will is going to be alone for Thanksgiving and invites him to spend the holiday with her family. Will is immediately taken by Maggie’s strength and what she has been through and wants to get to know her better but Maggie doesn’t trust that any man will ever see her as a woman and not just run from her scars.

What a beautiful and touching story that is definitely one to have the tissues handy while reading. The journey that Maggie has been on and continues to struggle with is one that most certainly should touch anyone’s heart. The issues in this novella are completely real, dealing with PTSD and injuries are struggles that many face daily which makes this book all the more heartwarming and emotional to read. Maggie is one strong woman but even with her strength she still continues to struggle to overcome how she sees herself and how she is treated by others.

This is also one that is a beautiful Christmas romance with all the settings, activities and a close family involved in a small town holiday which makes it all the more special. As part of series this read fine as a standalone novella.

Overall, easily a novella that I’d highly recommend to read, just have your tissues ready as it’s an emotional ride.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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