The Christmas Curse (Loveless and Dunn Book 6) by Erika Marks

The Christmas Curse (Loveless and Dunn Book 6)The Christmas Curse by Erika Marks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emily Landon is sure that she is cursed when it comes to Christmas. Her previous three boyfriends have broken up with her during the holiday. Now her current boyfriend Phillip is away on business and has said they need to talk when he returns. Thinking she can break the curse by hiding out and not speaking with Phillip, Emily books herself a cabin in the mountains for Christmas. Avoiding her phone though, Emily misses a call from the owner that a storm is coming and she shouldn’t come to the mountains.

Griff Boone is the small town vet who has come out to the property to look after the owner’s sick dog. He has his own issues with the holidays and had packed up and planned to leave town before the oncoming storm arrives. When he suggests that the property owner go check on her neighbor before he leaves he doesn’t expect the storm to arrive sooner than predicted and for her to not be able to make it back from the neighbor’s and is left hosting Emily when she arrives.

Another nice little Christmas tale of two people riding out the storm together and coming to grips with their Christmas woes. Nice characters that grow together when they both share their own pain of the holidays and find comfort in each other.

This is listed as the sixth book in a series but read find as a standalone novella. Another good holiday read that I’d recommend checking out.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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