Alice Takes Back Wonderland by David D. Hammons

Alice Takes Back WonderlandAlice Takes Back Wonderland by David D. Hammons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ten years after Alice’s trip to Wonderland we now have a seventeen year old Alice who struggles with her parents still not believing what she saw was real and have put her on medication to distinguish fantasy from reality.

One day the White Rabbit returns for Alice to get her help in saving Wonderland from being taken over from the Ace of Spades who is stripping Wonderland’s residents of their Wonder and trying to make it more like our world. Alice takes a little convincing that what she’s seeing is real after years of being told it’s in her imagination.

Alice then embarks on a journey to find the Sleeping Beauty and along the way meets up with many other fairy tale characters who she tries to recruit to help save Wonderland.

I actually rather enjoyed this creative story using characters that we all know and love but not just copying their original stories. There were new ideas mixed in to each character along with an overall adventure to bring them all together which I found rather engaging.

When the story started off I had a bit of a problem connecting with Alice as a seventeen year old, she seemed to lack a bit of maturity. But in the end I think she grew and I believe the character actually needed that bit in the beginning to show her struggles through the years with no one believing her so in the end I had changed my mind about her.

As for the other characters being brought in to the story I rather enjoyed the creativity with them all. Things aren’t exactly the way you’d think for each but there is a reasoning given in the story behind it. This made this one of my favorite retellings as I love when I get a whole new story loosely based on originals instead of the same story being retold again.

Overall, fun read that I’d definitely recommend checking out.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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