The Secret Hour (Killing Time, #1) by Evie Ryan

The Secret Hour (Killing Time, #1)The Secret Hour by Evie Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Scarlett Reese is only twenty three but she is already employed as a forensic pathologist at the local college although she’s often mistaken as a student. Scarlett is a little different than everyone else, she can hear the thoughts of not only the living but the dead too. Often the bodies that she are studying talk to her, she can see their murders but needs to find the scientific evidence to prove them.

Jack Hollister has transferred to the college and is immediately taken with Scarlett. When Jack approaches her Scarlett finds that she can’t hear his thoughts the way she can with others so she agrees to her first date ever with Jack. Jack however has his own secrets and when someone dies in front of Jack and Scarlett on their date Scarlett is determined to find out why.

This book was another that was hard to rate. If only scoring on entertainment and creativity to the story I’d have gone with five stars very easily. I was completely hooked on this definite page turner and caught up in the story. There were a lot of elements thrown in including a supernatural entity I hadn’t heard of in another story.

However, there are little bits and pieces to the story that could have used a bit of work. I don’t want to give away details to the story but just a few things that could have used better explaining as to why it worked the way it did or changed a bit to work better with the overall story. Also, unfortunately this one ends on a cliffhanger too.

Overall, completely entertaining with some original concepts. Would definitely continue this series.


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