Going Down by Elise Sax

Going DownGoing Down by Elise Sax
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marion MacAlister has been renting an apartment from Mack Ryan in the building in which Mack runs his diner for the past two years. The two have had a crush on each other for the entire time but usually bicker back and forth. When the building’s old elevator gives out the sparks fly for Mack and Marion.

I had to give this novella four stars just based on how much I was giggling and laughing all the way through with lines like “You’re like Tom and Jerry, but horny” It’s a cute tale of a couple that fight their attraction by quarreling over every little thing when together. Marion’s maturity level was a bit low with some of her antics but that really just made the story even funnier.

Overall, fun, quick read.


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