The Demon Of Synar (Forced To Serve, #1) by Donna McDonald

The Demon Of Synar (Forced To Serve, #1)The Demon Of Synar by Donna McDonald
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Demon of Synar is the first book in the Forced to Serve series. This is a novella length book that is basically an introduction to the characters, and a brief glimpse of a story line. Synar and Ania were bonded but shortly after there is an attack and Ania is mortally wounded. Synar is a demon master and the host that his demon was in was killed to in order to save Ania, Synar forces his demon into her to save her life but he fails to tell Ania that she’s hosting a demon and would die without it.

The story then jumps forward two years. Synar had left Ania with her own people to chase those that had attacked but failed to ever return to her. Ania has been accused of murder so Synar goes to explain it was the demon and Ania is forced to leave her people and board Synar’s ship.

What we basically have here is a soap opera in sci-fi alien form. The characters are all different species and seem to travel to all different planets. We obviously have demons also involved but they are controlled by masters. With as short as it is it somewhat fails to do much introducing to the series because of the complexity of all the characters and setting. What you do get a good look at is the relationship of Synar and Ania who end up fighting over the demon.

Overall, not a bad read. A lot of species/characters to sort out in a short time though.

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