Faith (Brides of the Rockies Book 2) by Carré White

Faith (Brides of the Rockies Book 2)Faith by Carré White
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After 16 year old Faith Hardwood’s mother passes away her father sells his business and packs her up to head out to Denver for a fresh start. Unfortunately things do not go as planned when robbers board the train and steal the Hardwood’s life savings. A stranger aboard the train, Owen Birch gives Faith fifty dollars to help get her and her father a start at their new life.

Two years later Faith is working as a saloon girl to help support her and her father who has taken to gambling and drinking. One night while working Owen enters the saloon to gamble. Faith is still very attracted to Owen as she had been on the train.

There is actually nothing wrong with the writing of this book to make my rating so low. My problem came with the fact that Owen was twice Faith’s age. That just really didn’t work for me at all so it really didn’t matter how the relationship went in the book.

Overall, it is well written and the historical parts seemed accurate. Just not a relationship I cared about.

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