Blind: Killer Instincts by Sidney Bristol

Blind: Killer InstinctsBlind: Killer Instincts by Sidney Bristol
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Detective Jacob Payton and Emma Ration share a past even though the two had never met. Emma’s grandparents were victims of the TBK serial killer before her birth. Her father was the only living survivor of TBK’s killing spree leaving him broken and giving Emma a tough life growing up. Jacob was the son of the detective that had brought TBK to justice.

The two meet when Jacob contacts Emma to view her research on TBK when he receives a letter that he thinks is from a copycat killer even though there hasn’t been a victim yet. There is an immediate attraction between Jacob and Emma, unfortunately soon after meeting the murders begin.

Blind: Killer Instincts is classified as a romantic suspense story but seems to be more of an erotic suspense. Readers should be aware there is a lot of graphic sex scenes and violence in the book before picking it up. I’m fine with both and rather enjoyed the story but felt it could’ve dealt a bit more with the case and catching the killer.

Jacob and Emma were great together. Both strong characters that complimented each other well. Jacob had a darkness about him and Emma seemed to be his light. The other characters in the book could’ve used a bit more fleshing out. When the FBI is involved I felt I didn’t get a good grasp of who was who at times. Amanda was also someone who seemed to just be a name on the page and could’ve used a bit more to the character to make a reader care.

Overall, a fast paced story that blended a romantic/erotic developing relationship with an intense page turning killer on the loose plot. Somewhat reminded of the Following when reading this book and would look forward to seeing this story continue.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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