First (Live Once) by Chanda Stafford

First (Live Once)First by Chanda Stafford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First is a dystopian young adult novel taking place in America approximately 500 years in the future. Mira is a 17 year old growing up in Texas which is home to the descendants of former rebels who had attacked the White House and Pentagon 200 years earlier. The Texans work farms to raise food for the free citizens but also offer up their children to become what is known as a second to the group of firsts who are immortal by taking over the bodies of their seconds.

When Socrates the first of the firsts shows up at Mira’s farm and chooses her she has no idea what to expect. The ones living on the farms have been told they are being excused for their ancestors crimes and going to be free if chosen. Mira doesn’t care about being free and would rather stay on the farm and marry her best friend Tanner.

The book changes points of view between Socrates and Mira so you get to know the both very well. It does get a bit of a slow start though to figuring out what this world is all about. Switching back and forth though let’s us know what it means to be a first or second eventually so you must have a bit of patience with the story to really learn what is going on.

Other than the slow start I found the whole story fascinating. The future of course has new technology and things like cancer have been cured. They can do things such as transfer the mind of a first into a second. There’s rebels opposed to the whole process and fighting for freedom for everyone.

A lot of things going on to piece together but thought it was worth the effort in the end. Will look forward to picking up book 2 at some point.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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