The Island (The Island #1) by Jen Minkman

The Island  (The Island #1)The Island by Jen Minkman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Leia lives on an island where the society she is from sends their children off to live in a place called the Manor at the age of ten. They are considered old enough to be on their own and must go and learn the rest of what they need to know to survive at the manor where at some point by the age of nineteen they should choose a mate and get married to then return to the village of the parents.

When Leia’s friend Andy tells them that their leader is lying to them Leia steals “the book” that contains the story of their ancestors for proof. As she is trying to hide it she meets a boy named Walt that is from the city beyond the wall that Leia’s people refer to as the Fools.

The Island really seems to be one of those love it or hate it type of stories. In the end I actually kind of enjoyed it but I also love Star Wars so when Leia’s are said to believe in the Force and their story is being told I kind of got hooked on seeing how in the world the author would explain all of this.

It’s really not until the very end of the story do you find out why all the Star Wars references but there was a reasoning behind it. That being said I believe the author captured what she was going for when trying to show a society’s rules can seem odd to an outsider.

Did I actually love the idea of ten year olds being sent away? No, not particularly but it captured my attention in wanting to know what in the heck these people were thinking. Of course the entire story and the explanation in the end also seem kind of silly too but I still found it entertaining to read.

Overall, best to describe this as a rather light-hearted dystopian novella that won’t be for everyone, especially those who will not like the Star Wars ties but for me still a fun read.

The Secret Hour (Killing Time, #1) by Evie Ryan

The Secret Hour (Killing Time, #1)The Secret Hour by Evie Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Scarlett Reese is only twenty three but she is already employed as a forensic pathologist at the local college although she’s often mistaken as a student. Scarlett is a little different than everyone else, she can hear the thoughts of not only the living but the dead too. Often the bodies that she are studying talk to her, she can see their murders but needs to find the scientific evidence to prove them.

Jack Hollister has transferred to the college and is immediately taken with Scarlett. When Jack approaches her Scarlett finds that she can’t hear his thoughts the way she can with others so she agrees to her first date ever with Jack. Jack however has his own secrets and when someone dies in front of Jack and Scarlett on their date Scarlett is determined to find out why.

This book was another that was hard to rate. If only scoring on entertainment and creativity to the story I’d have gone with five stars very easily. I was completely hooked on this definite page turner and caught up in the story. There were a lot of elements thrown in including a supernatural entity I hadn’t heard of in another story.

However, there are little bits and pieces to the story that could have used a bit of work. I don’t want to give away details to the story but just a few things that could have used better explaining as to why it worked the way it did or changed a bit to work better with the overall story. Also, unfortunately this one ends on a cliffhanger too.

Overall, completely entertaining with some original concepts. Would definitely continue this series.

The Glass Mermaid: A Falling in Deep Collection Novella by Poppy Lawless

The Glass Mermaid: A Falling in Deep Collection NovellaThe Glass Mermaid: A Falling in Deep Collection Novella by Poppy Lawless
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kate is the last of her kind, a mermaid. She’s lived for three hundred years on land since the loss of her entire clan of mermaids to a disease. Moving back near her home she knows that her time is about out and just want to be near her underwater home until then.

Cooper is an artist who has moved back into his childhood home after he finds out that he has cancer and there isn’t any hope left for him. He vows to paint each sunset and sunrise during his remaining days overlooking the lake where he spots Kate for the first time collecting sea glass for her shop. Cooper although he knows he shouldn’t begin a relationship finds himself drawn to Kate until he finally talks to her.

A well written beautiful love story between Kate and Cooper. Couldn’t help but feel for both characters right away. If any complaints about this novella I would have to say I did have a feeling I knew the ending right away but being a romance that wasn’t that big of a deal.

Overall, lovely novella length romance. Would definitely recommend.

The Favorite (The Selection, #2.6) by Kiera Cass

The Favorite (The Selection, #2.6)The Favorite by Kiera Cass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Favorite is another companion novella to the Selection series. In this installment we get a behind the scenes look at Marlee and Carter’s relationship told from Marlee’s point of view.

I really enjoy these extra looks into the story as I often feel like the main books left out a lot of background information. This one let’s us know how Marlee and Carter met and fell in love and what happens to them after the caning. There were peeks to the events in the main story but adding the extra details makes the story much more appealing to me.

Overall, an enjoyable addition to the Selection series, best to be read after finishing The One as it gives hints to the ending of that if you haven’t read it yet.

Winter Kisses – The 12 NA’s of Christmas (3:AM Kisses, #2) by Addison Moore

Winter Kisses - The 12 NA's of Christmas (3:AM Kisses, #2)Winter Kisses – The 12 NA’s of Christmas by Addison Moore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Winter Kisses is actually the second book in a series from Addison Moore. This novella focuses on Laney Sawyer and Ryder Capwell rekindling a relationship after a year apart. Ryder’s mother didn’t want them together and had done everything in her power to break the two apart.

I actually haven’t read the first book in the series myself but this seemed to read fine without having read it. A few mentions of past events but most of which could just be characters giving out their back story as with any other book.

Starting off I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this story just for Laney’s complaints about Ryder in the first chapter. Really it didn’t sound like he was all that bad for her to continue on and on about him. It really seemed to grow on me from that point though, lots of chemistry between Laney and Ryder and a better look into the behind story later on got me rooting for them in the end.

Overall, hot and steamy novella for a good quick read.

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