The End of Getting Lost by Robin Kirman #bookreview #thriller #suspense

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Title: The End of Getting Lost

Author: Robin Kirman

Publisher:   Simon & Schuster

Publication Date: February 15, 2022

Page Count: 285

My rating: 3 stars

About the book:

A young woman and her husband travel around Europe to celebrate their first year of marriage—a year that the woman has no memory of—in this searing novel of intimacy and deceit.

The year is 1996—a time before cell phones, status updates, and location tags—when you could still travel to a remote corner of the world and disappear. This is where we meet Gina and Duncan, a young couple madly in love, traveling around Europe on a romantic adventure. It’s a time both thrilling and dizzying for Gina, whose memories are hazy following a head injury—and the growing sense that the man at her side is keeping secrets from her.

Just what is Duncan hiding and how far will he go to keep their pasts at bay? As the pair hop borders across Europe, their former lives threatening to catch up with them while the truth grows more elusive, we witness how love can lead us astray, and what it means to lose oneself in love

The End of Getting Lost is a tightrope act of deception and an elegant exploration of love and marriage—as well as our cherished illusions of both. With notes of Patricia Highsmith, Caroline Kepnes, and Lauren Groff, Robin Kirman has spun a delicious tale of deceit, redemption, and the fight to keep love alive—no matter the costs.

In the description The End of Getting Lost by Robin Kirman is called psychologically suspenseful and that would be a good term for this read. The story takes place in 1996 and is told by alternating the point of view between the characters.

Gina Reinhold and Duncan Lowy are madly in love and on their honeymoon traveling through Europe. All is not totally well for the couple as their honeymoon was delayed due to Gina suffering a head injury where she now finds herself lacking her memories from the past year. During the trip Gina begins to regain some flashes here and there and begins to distrust Duncan as things don’t see to add up.

The End of Getting Lost is one of those stories that for me there were some things I liked and others I didn’t. This one is a twisty read which I do enjoy a lot and I found myself liking that part of the ride. The characters however were not very likable for me and I had a hard time getting totally connected to them. On the whole though I thought this was an ok read for me but didn’t fall in love.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Robin Kirman studied philosophy at Yale before receiving her MFA in writing from Columbia, where she also taught for several years. Her curiosity about human psychology has led her to combine work in psychoanalysis with writing fiction. Her first novel, Bradstreet Gate, was published by Crown in 2015, and her television series The Love Wave is currently in development.

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