The Monarchs (The Ravens #2) by Kass Morgan, Danielle Paige #bookreview #YA #fantasy #paranormal #witches

Title: The Monarchs

Author: Kass Morgan, Danielle Paige

Publisher:  Clarion Books

Publication Date: January 11, 2022

Page Count: 440

My rating: 4 stars

About the book:

In this thrilling conclusion to New York Times best-selling authors Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige’s The Ravens duology, loyalty, love, and friendships are tested as sorority sisters Scarlett and Vivi must face the forces of hell itself when a rival sorority threatens to wreak havoc on campus.

The ultra-exclusive Kappa Rho Nu—the Ravens—are determined to restore balance to the world. After destroying an ancient talisman and barely saving their sorority in the process, they’ll go to any lengths to keep their secret as Westerly’s most powerful coven of witches.

Scarlett Winter, a legacy Raven, has finally gotten what she’s always wanted: Scarlett is Kappa Rho Nu’s newest president. Unlike her mother or older sister before her, Scarlett has a vision for a more unified Kappa, one where no sister falls to the forces of wicked magic. But the powers of the presidency have their own pitfalls. And with the pressures of alumni bureaucracy and past failures weighing on her, Scarlett finds herself at risk of losing the very thing that defined her: her magic.

As a new member of Kappa Rho Nu, Vivi Devereaux finally knows what it’s like to belong. She has her Kappa Rho Nu sisters behind her and, with Scarlett’s blessing, Vivi’s happily dating her first college crush (who also just happens to be Scarlett’s ex). When Scarlett assigns Vivi the coveted role of social chair, Vivi is determined to live up to her Big’s expectations. But Vivi’s studies in witchcraft take a deadly turn when she uncovers a new form of magic, one that has mysterious ties to Kappa Rho Nu’s past and the vengeful demon once tied to their talisman.

With the weight of their newfound roles and the terrible price of destroying the talisman haunting them, Scarlett and Vivi must save their sisterhood when the forces of hell itself and a rival sorority threaten to unleash havoc on the Ravens.

The Monarchs by Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige is the second book in the young adult fantasy The Ravens duology. As with most fantasy series the second book of the series picks up shortly after the end of the first book so to best understand the series they should be read in order beginning with the first book, The Ravens. The story in this series is mainly told from the dual point of view of two of the sorority sisters of Kappa Rho Nu which is not your normal sorority.

In the first book of this series readers were introduced to Scarlett Winters who is a legacy in the elite Kappa Rho Nu at Westerly College. Scarlett expected that the upcoming year as a Raven she would become the Sorority President as those in her family before her and planned to let nothing stand in her way. Vivi Deveraux was a freshman at Westerly College and new to the whole college experience. Vivi never expected anyone at the most exclusive sorority on campus to take notice of her so she was shocked when she received an invite to pledge. What Vivi also didn’t expect was to find that the sorority is actually made up of witches and she herself has powers.

After rather enjoying the opener of this series I was excited to find out what The Monarchs would bring to the table and thankfully I still enjoyed this second book just as I had the first. The story picked up after a slight break as the students returned to school and dove right back into the action I expected from reading the opener. As with the first book of the series everything flowed well and I’d never guess if not already knowing that this was written by two authors. The story also still progressed at a nice pace and the characters were still likable in their new adventure. I still can’t say that there’s anything overly original brought into the mix but it’s an enjoyable young adult witchy fantasy all the same.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the authors:

Kass Morgan is the New York Times bestselling author of The 100, which was the inspiration for the hit CW show of the same name, and Light Years. An editor of middle grade and young adult fiction at a larger publisher, Kass received a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a master’s degree from Oxford University. She lives in New York City.

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Danielle Paige is the New York Times bestselling author of the Dorothy Must Die series and Stealing Snow, as well as an upcoming Fairy Godmother origin story series, and the graphic novel Mera: Tidebreaker for DC. In addition to writing young adult books, she works in the television industry, where she received a Writers Guild of America Award and was nominated for several Daytime Emmys. She is a graduate of Columbia University. Danielle lives in New York City.

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