A Letter from Nana Rose by Kristin Harper #womensfiction #bookreview #contemporary #romance

Title: A Letter from Nana Rose

Author: Kristin Harper

Publisher:  Bookouture

Publication Date: October 25, 2021

Page Count:  263

My rating: 4 stars

About the book:

“My darling girls. You were once so happy in this house. Now I’m gone, all I ask is that you spend one last summer here together on Dune Island. And please forgive me, your Nana, for the secret I’m about to tell you…”

Arriving at the honeysuckle-covered beach house inherited from her beloved grandmother, recently heartbroken Jill hopes to convince her two feuding sisters not to sell a place so full of happy childhood memories. But the envelope waiting on the driftwood table changes everything. In her elegant handwriting, Nana Rose promises a new letter will arrive each day of the summer revealing a family secret she took to her grave.

Shaken, Jill anxiously awaits each letter filled with Nana’s bittersweet memories of her own sister who she loved more than anyone—and lost far too young. But why did Nana never speak of this tragic loss to her grandchildren?

Watching the sunset each night and wondering how well they really knew Nana Rose, Jill feels her family is closer than they’ve been in years. And after a chance encounter with blue-eyed tree surgeon Alex, she wonders if Nana believed being back on Dune Island would help Jill find love, too?

But when Nana’s final letter arrives, the revelation about how her sister died is more shocking than Jill ever imagined. Suddenly, despite the chance of happiness with Alex, selling the house seems the only way forward. Will Jill find a way to forge new bonds of sisterhood and save their inheritance, or will Nana Rose’s secret tear them all apart?

An absolutely gorgeous, gripping and heartbreaking read about the importance of family, and how even our loved ones can keep shattering secrets. Perfect for fans of Carolyn Brown, Debbie Macomber and Mary Alice Munroe.

A Letter from Nana Rose by Kristin Harper is a contemporary women’s fiction title that does have a touch of romance blended into the story. This novel tells the story of three sisters that have lost their grandmother and now need to come together to decide what to do with their inheritance.

Jill, Rachel, and Brooke have found memories of their time growing up and that of what they spent with their Nana Rose. When Nana passed she asked that the girls return to Dune Island, Massachusetts to spend time together in her home that they have now inherited before they make the decision of what to do with the home.

As Jill, Rachel, and Brooke are settling in their grandmother’s secluded beach home in Dune Island they are unfortunately just in time for a storm. With a tree falling blocking them in the sisters settle in and begin reading the letters that Nana left for them, a new one arriving every day. With each sister struggling with their own lives they learn secrets of their Nana’s past they never knew existed.

A Letter from Nana Rose by Kristin Harper was a lovely story about family, forgiveness and the strength of all the women involved. I loved getting to know the characters and more about their lives as I waited along with them to hear more of the past that the letters uncovered. The setting was lovely too as I rooted for Jill to convince her sisters to keep the home they all had memories of as I came to adore their grandmother and her home too.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Website: kristinharperauthor.com
Twitter: @KHarperAuthor






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8 Comments on “A Letter from Nana Rose by Kristin Harper #womensfiction #bookreview #contemporary #romance

  1. Lovely review, Carrie. I felt the same way when I read it. I was very happy with the outcome for all the sisters.


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