The Perfect Wife by J.P. Delaney #bookreview #thriller #scifi

Title: The Perfect Wife

Author: J.P. Delaney

Publisher:  Ballantine Books

Publication Date: August 6, 2019

Page Count:  413

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

About the book:

The perfect life. The perfect love. The perfect lie. From the bestselling author of The Girl Before comes a gripping psychological thriller. . . .

Abbie awakens in a daze with no memory of who she is or how she landed in this unsettling condition. The man by her side claims to be her husband. He’s a titan of the tech world, the founder of one of Silicon Valley’s most innovative start-ups. He tells Abbie that she is a gifted artist, an avid surfer, a loving mother to their young son, and the perfect wife. He says she had a terrible accident five years ago and that, through a huge technological breakthrough, she has been brought back from the abyss.

She is a miracle of science.

But as Abbie pieces together memories of her marriage, she begins to question her husband’s motives—and his version of events. Can she trust him when he says he wants them to be together forever? And what really happened to her, half a decade ago?

Beware the man who calls you . . .


The Perfect Wife by J.P. Delaney is a science fiction thriller, which is a bit of a twist from this author. Normally J.P. Delaney is more known for the psychological thriller which really this one would still qualify but with just that little bit of crossover into science fiction. 

So can money truly buy happiness? A billionaire founder of a robotics company tests that theory when he brings his wife back after an accident five years before. Abbie awakens with her loving husband by her side with no memory of what happened to her. As time progresses Abbie begins to question her husband’s version of events as he tells her of the woman she used to be.

Being someone that loves when genres cross I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Perfect Wife had a touch of that when I picked it up to read. The story still read mostly as a psychological thriller making you think and rethink on everyone and every action like one normally would. I think mostly the pacing of this one seemed a little slower which had it at three and a half stars for me. Perhaps that would have even been a tad higher if I weren’t comparing to others from the same author. 

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon **

About the author:

JP Delaney is a British writer of psychological suspense. His novel THE GIRL BEFORE was an instant New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller and sold over a million copies in 40 countries. The follow-up, BELIEVE ME, was also an international bestseller, as was his third, THE PERFECT WIFE. His fourth standalone psychological thriller, PLAYING NICE, will be published in summer 2020.

JP Delaney has previously written bestselling fiction under other names. The Carnivia Trilogy, a series of three standalone but interlinked thrillers set in present-day Venice and written under the name Jonathan Holt, was published in more than 20 countries.

For more information, visit or follow @jpdelaneywriter on Facebook.

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8 Comments on “The Perfect Wife by J.P. Delaney #bookreview #thriller #scifi

  1. I have had this one on my self since it came out, but I didn’t get an ARC, so I might skip it. It has certainly had mixed reviews.

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