The Vacation by T.M. Logan #bookreview #thriller #suspense

Title: The Vacation

Author: T.M. Logan

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Publication Date: July 21, 2020

Page Count: 384

My rating:  3 stars

About the book:

In The Vacation, a captivating thriller from T. M. Logan, the bestselling author of Lies and 29 Seconds, four best friends on a dream vacation come face-to-face with an explosive secret.

It was supposed to be the perfect getaway: Kate and her three best friends, spending a week with their families in a luxurious villa in the south of France. Through the decades they’ve stayed closer than ever, and seven days of drinking crisp French wine and laying out under the dazzling Mediterranean sun is the perfect celebration of their friendship. But soon after arriving, Kate discovers an incriminating text on her husband’s cell phone.

A text revealing that he’s having an affair.

And that the other woman is one of her best friends.

But which one?

Trapped in paradise with no one to trust, Kate is determined to find out who has put her marriage―and a lifelong friendship―in jeopardy. But as she closes in on the truth, she realizes that the stakes are higher than she ever imagined. Everyone on the trip has secrets…and someone may be prepared to kill to keep theirs hidden.


The Vacation by T.M. Logan is being marketed as a captivating thriller but yet again I felt this was more of a domestic suspense for at least the first three quarters or so. The story is told by changing the point of view between various characters with Kate having the biggest voice of the book

Kate and her three best friends always have time together but this time they have planned an epic vacation that includes all of their families. Shortly after arriving though Kate picks up her husband’s phone to find some suspcious texts coming in from another woman.

Kate is torn as how to approach the situation that her husband of so many years may be cheating on her. Kate pushes aside the idea of confronting her husband without any evidence so she begins to investigate her friends wondering which could be lying to her.

Now as I mentioned to me this one really didn’t have much “thrill” to it to be considered captivating. It felt as if we spent a good 75 to 80 percent on a he said she said possible affair with hints at the other characters having secrets too. However, I will say that although I knew something was coming at the end I never suspected the outcome to be such a twisty mess so I did actually love the ending it was just a shame it took so long to get there.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

T. M. Logan, the bestselling author of LIES, 29 SECONDS, and THE VACATION, was born in Berkshire to an English father and a German mother. He studied at Queen Mary and Cardiff universities before becoming a national newspaper journalist. He currently works in communications and lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two children.

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