Awakened (The Gatekeepers Book 1) by Stacy R. Collins #bookreview #YA #fantasy

Title: Awakened

Author: Stacy R. Collins

Publisher: 48fourteen

Publication Date: February 21, 2019

Page Count: 272

My rating: 3 stars

About the book:

When seventeen-year-old DEVYN CARTER arrives at school, she expects the day to be as boring and mundane as usual, but when she meets the new, hot substitute teacher, and the even hotter transfer student, Devyn’s life transforms into anything but normal.

With these newcomers, also come some harrowing revelations that thrust Devyn into a group of warriors, the Order, dedicated to ridding the world of the monstrous creatures known as Moon Children.

It quickly becomes clear that Devyn’s role in the Order is more than anyone had thought. Pressed into training the skills she never knew she possessed, Devyn finds herself faced with the toughest decision she has ever had to make: leave the Order and return to her life for what little time humanity has left, or give up all she has ever known to assume a role she never chose and risk her life to save the world.

From the author of Grave Little Secrets comes this EPIC new fantasy series that tests limits, explores love, and unveils a world hiding in plain sight. Hold on to your seats!


Devyn Carter was your average teenager in high school and looking forward to what comes after graduating until one day when everything changes for her. Sitting in class waiting for the teacher to arrive one day everything seemed normal until a new substitute walked through the door.

Devyn’s classmates all seem to be in some kind of trance and things feel so wrong when another surprise arrives. A new student also comes to class that day and says he’s there to help Devyn and shows her a whole new world she didn’t know existed.

Awakened by Stacy R. Collins is the first book of the young adult urban fantasy The Gatekeepers series. This opener was decent enough that I did somewhat enjoy it but i t did seem full of the typical young adult tropes, character lost parents early in life and find they were a part of secret world, teen doesn’t realize who she is etc.

Besides waiting for the story to  really stand out on it’s own and stop reminding me of other young adult fantasies I also thought the pacing was rather slow. The author did a  good  job introducing the world in the series but this first book overall felt like one long introduction. Instead of feeling submerged into any action the end felt a bit rushed only to set up for the bigger story. Hopefully book two will build upon the beginning and pick up some.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon

About the author:

Stacy R. Collins was born and raised in a small town in South Carolina, where she still resides with her husband and four children. Stacy works full-time as a medical assistant for a busy OBGYN practice and loves building relationships with her patients.
Most of her free time is spent with her family, but she always makes it a point to write everyday, even if it’s just a paragraph.
Stacy’s first novel, Grave Little Secrets was released in April, and is a ya suspense. Be sure to watch for more books from her.

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