Feeding my addiction…

Another week gone by and more books to add to my never ending pile. Ah the life of the truly addicted, I know a lot of you can easily relate. 🙂

New additions from Netgalley  Sept 2nd-Sept 9th

Also from Michelle Madow…

I have to say getting the Jodi Picoult title goes to show that sometimes those long time pending titles do come through since I had almost given up hope on that one. All in all though 9 new titles this week isn’t too terribly bad but I do need to pick up my reading a bit to keep up with them all. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Feeding my addiction…

  1. I just looked and have two titles coming out on the same day in only two weeks but I have to read my book club book first. Needless to say I’m not allowed on NetGalley this week! Great haul for you!!! Enjoy:)

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    1. Hehe That is when you need half your TBR to be children’s books! I have been adding faster than reading again so hopefully i can pick it up a bit though, darn addiction. 🙂


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