Back to School

Just had to do another share this week spotlighting some more positivity in Indianapolis. This one answers the question of just what those teachers and staff get up to when they return to school before the students…

And yes, I can easily say this is one of the best school districts to be involved with. The one center stage there in the suit is the superintendent and you can just see how much he and the staff care and enjoy their jobs.

14 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Love this! When do your kids go back to school? My youngest goes back August 9 can’t believe it! But my older two in college don’t go back until late September, my oldest is still in summer school until the end of August I think?🙂

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    1. This district actually went back Thurs the 26th, I believe the public school system will be back next week and the other various districts in and around the city either have returned or will be in the next couple of weeks. Wayne is on the extended calendar though with the kids getting two weeks in Oct for fall break, two for winter break and then another two for Spring break so they do go awfully early.


      1. We are on a modified traditional so we get a week at Thanksgiving three weeks at Christmas and then a week in February and spring break, it’s so interesting that everyone does it so differently! But going back in July is very early!

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        1. There are a few around here that go year round too with one or two week breaks here and there but still attend in the summer. When I was a kid it was Labor Day to Memorial Day but that has been long long gone.

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          1. My oldest kids were on year round when they started so we had July, November, and March off, but they opened new school so now the modified traditional

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            1. I actually don’t mind the different schedules though so when it comes to vacation you aren’t limited to Christmas and summer… and of course the higher prices during those times.

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