Feeding my addiction….

Ok, it’s time to find out just how well behaved I’ve been this week or just how out of control depending on how you look at it. I don’t think I picked up too many this week but I do know I’ll probably be adding a lot more once I get the chance to probably take a look at what was added to my auto approval page this week, saw some really great looking titles but haven’t take the time to grab any just yet. Anyway onto what I did get….

New additions from Netgalley July 22nd-28th

From Edelweiss:

From First to Read:

So yes, I feel a misbehaving week coming real soon…..

14 thoughts on “Feeding my addiction….

    1. Haha we can race to who actually writes the review first. I just finished it up an hour or so ago myself. I actually really liked it so I’m glad they caved in and actually approved me even if it was last second…. (and I clicked last dec)

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        1. Thanks, funny thing was I had just thought with it coming out soon I might put it on hold at the library and then I had the mail pop up. Matter of fact my Jedi mind powers worked a couple times this week, also had just been thinking about Kiss the Girl and got the widget mail for that one within hours too. LOL

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    1. Haha sorry Susan, I really just didn’t look much last week. One of my adds had been clicked last Dec and another was a widget, then the third I’d also gotten an email on. I’ll have a huge list next weekend though so that one will be sure to make you feel better once I get a chance to properly look. 🙂


  1. Some good ones, even if there aren’t a lot. I see you got the widget for Kiss The Girl as well. I am looking forward to reading that one. I hope my next week will be like your this week. I went crazy this week.

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    1. Yes, I was so excited when that one came in, love the series. 🙂 And I’m sure I will catch up because I know there were several series I’ve been reading added and a ton that looked good at first glance I just didn’t take the time to get them added yet… auto approvals are great for laziness, I don’t feel I need to rush before everyone else clicks. LOL

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