Now She’s Gone (Detective Rachel Prince #2) by Alison James #bookreview #thriller

Title: Now She’s Gone

Author: Alison James

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: May 31, 2018

Page Count: 307

My rating:  3 1/2 stars

About the book:

She took a mouthful of the sweet liquid and started to feel a pounding in her head. Arms went around her waist and she was half lifted and half pulled. The last thing she was aware of was her head hitting a step…

Sixteen-year-old Emily had everything to live for. A bright, beautiful teenager with a promising future ahead of her. But in one night her life is cut short. The police say it’s an accident. But her parents think she was murdered.

When Detective Rachel Prince is called in to investigate the shocking death at the height of the Edinburgh festival, her instincts tell her that things are not as they first appear. Something is very wrong.

As the case takes an unexpected turn, Rachel discovers a chilling link with the suspicious death of another international student, who stayed in the same house as Emily two years before.

Just as Rachel finds herself on the hunt for a serial killer, a painful relationship from her own past catches up with her. And Rachel must decide what is more important – catching the killer or keeping her own secrets?

A breath-taking, tense roller-coaster crime thriller featuring unforgettable series detective Rachel Prince. Now She’s Gone is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Peter James and Karin Slaughter.

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Now She’s Gone by Alison James is the second book in the Detective Rachel Prince police procedural series. What I’ve come to expect from this author is a very intense case and this installment was no exception with murder and molestation involved.

With the death of a sixteen year old Rachel gets the call to head out and look further into the case to make sure it is being handled correctly. As Rachel digs further she starts to believe Emily’s death may be connected to another in the past and the clues begin to lead to even darker events than she ever could have imagined.

With this book it was easy to remember exactly why I enjoyed the first when it didn’t take long at all to become comfortable with Rachel yet again. If looking for hard hitting female lead in this type of story Rachel certainly qualifies and the cases in the series are those to make a reader take notice and really become invested in the outcome.

On the not so positive side though with this one there are some things going on in the story in which had my thought process going to the place where I think things end up a little to convenient with some details. I don’t want to be too specific but certain things just didn’t see that realistic to me in the story leaving me to rate this installment at 3.5 stars but with intense cases and a likable detective I will be back for more.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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    • Thanks Theresa! I’m right there with you on that when I find it in different genres.

      And thank you, I’m considering changing themes next. Couple of years blogging and I still mess with things. LOL


  1. Great review Carrie. Liking the main character is a great start to a book. I really love the cover on this one. I have not read either of these, I might have to check them out. A few of the books I have read lately tend to conveniently tie up loose ends, but if the main plot is good, I guess I sometimes over look that. Hope the next one is better for you.

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    • I liked the first a bit better but both cases are interesting, more than just another murder case anyway. But yes, the end was something along those lines of everything just sort of happens trying it all together.

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