The Choice by Jake Cross #bookreview #thriller

Title: The Choice

Author: Jake Cross

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: March 23, 2018

Page Count: 403

My rating:   2 1/2 stars

About the book:

‘You’ve got to help me.’
On a wet road in the black of night, Karl Seabury is driving home to his pregnant wife. Suddenly, caught in his headlights in the middle of the road is a woman shaking with fright.

The woman says her name is Liz Smith, that her home was attacked, and that she was the only one to escape.

In a split-second decision, Karl decides to help her to safety. But can he really trust her? Or has he put his family in danger?

An absolutely unputdownable thriller, with twist after twist after twist, that will leave you breathless. Perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni, John Marrs and Harlan Coben.

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The Choice by Jake Cross is a highly intense and action packed thriller that I probably should have completely fallen in love with. However for me that simply wasn’t the case with this book as I found myself struggling with being able to suspend disbelief and go along for the ride.

The story starts out with Karl Seabury driving along a somewhat desolate road late at night and having a woman jump out in front of his van. The woman is claiming she is being chased and it’s very apparent she is in need of help so Karl let’s her into the van. This here is the beginning of my logical brain taking over and asking the what ifs as to what should/could happen in this type of situation. I’d like to hope people would like to help so it’s not out of the realm to believe the story so far.

After Liz Smith gets into the car with Karl a man is seen that she is running from so Karl high tails it out of there with the victim in tow. Now here is where my logical side begins taking over as Liz is adamant in not going to the police. As Karl and Liz are discussing this back and forth Karl has his own doubts going through his mind but he goes completely against those and takes Liz to his place of business and allows her to spend the night, completely alone and unguarded, as Karl goes home to his pregnant wife.

Now who in their right mind is going to bring a complete stranger into their own lives and give them free reign of their belongings?? I mean as much as I like to believe in the kindness of strangers and there being good people out there it just seems this crossed a line that no sane person would. I, myself, would struggle with letting a stranger in the car with me in the middle of the night being a female and would probably “help” by dialing 911 but since Karl is male it’s more likely he’d let her in so I was OK with that but letting her in to his shop when he himself brings up the dangers?? Not really buying it.

I’ve seen news stories of the police telling citizens to watch out for children claiming to be lost and to not go to an unknown area with them but to contact police or deliver them to a station because it’s used to lure in unsuspecting people to where the adults wait to rob them. A grown woman refusing to go to the police is a huge red flag in itself but if still wanting to go the extra mile for her and take her someplace “safe” then why not a motel? Heck, that would be a lot cheaper for Karl if she wasn’t on the up and up than giving the chance to rob him blind.

So as you all can see my struggle with this story in this was only the opening pages of the book so no matter how well it’s written or how intense the story became I had these doubts floating in my mind from the get go. And as one might guess I perhaps could put aside the opening had there not been other instances in the book that really, really had me questioning the sanity of the characters. One must know it wasn’t only poor Karl and his decisions that grated at me but many times I had the thought there is just no way that would happen. So when finished with this one I do believe some out there will absolutely love the non-stop adventure that began with doing a good deed this one however was just not my cup of tea leaving me to rate it at 2.5 stars.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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    • I know I definitely couldn’t get passed so many decisions in this one to actually try to enjoy what was going on otherwise. Heck my long rant is only about the opening pages to avoid spoilers so you can imagine how many times I wanted to bang my head when they would do this or that in the book. LOL

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    • Yes, I tried my best to even think to myself that men would react differently but even if this one guy made a stupid choice at the start to set up the story it didn’t make up for the other times reading that I kept rolling my eyes.

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  1. I enjoyed your honest review, Carrie! I can completely understand why you felt this way about this story. My logical mind starts doing the whats ifs and why games as well! I would completely see it as a red flag if somebody didn’t want help from the authorities and this all happened in the beginning? I can definitely understand why you felt this way! Unfortunately, I believe this book is on my shelf as well.😫

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